70’ties kussens

I was born in the 70’s, in the fall of 1974 to be exact.

In one way or another I have always had a fascination with the prints from the 70s. My mother had a great wallpaper in the colors brown, orange and yellow.

Are you familiar with it? Delicious right!

We had a green kitchen with green and brown wallpaper and beautiful brown plates.

My passion for the 70s will come because I grew up with it. There is simply no other way.

Even my mom’s bikini was brown with orange and yellow! I remember that as a child I wanted to wear it so badly, but that was not going to fit of course 🙂

But the shapes, the colors, they have always stayed with me.

Enjoy the 70’ties shapes and colors!

A number of designs of the Secret garden patterns are inspired by the 70s. But there are more to come, I am far from finished!

Enjoy the 70’s!


Secret Garden

This concept immediately reminded me of the movie “The Secret Garden”! A great movie with two kids who find a secret garden near their home castle and spend as much time there as possible.

They discover all kinds of plants and flowers and find their peace and fun in a time they don’t have to much to laugh about. A difficult time in which they search for peace and warmth and find it with each other and in the secret garden. This feeling of happiness and warmth I wanted to put in to my designs!

In the movie this garden also has healing powers. It’s completely alive and all the beautiful flowers are everywhere and have all kinds of colours and shapes. The movie shows also a lot of different sorts of light. From very warm & dark in the castle, to very fresh & light in the garden!

It inspired me to try to capture all these colours with coming autumn in mind. In my search of colours I spend some time at the website of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

It is there I found a famous paining with a pallet of colours I was looking for! The painting is called “Stilleven met bloemen in een glazen vaas,  painted by Jan Davidsz. de Heem, 1650 – 1683.


I selected the bright colours and the pastels which together give a warm and open pallet for this concept. I started drawing. Birds, butterflies, flowers and different sorts of shapes like hexagon, circles and abstract butterflies.

Enjoy The secret!

Clients I had in mind designing this collection for love a lot of different styles for their home and decor. Fresh, Scandinavian, but also a lot of warm colours in some of their objects, like pillows and outdoor products. A very big part of their kitchen collection is designed with a 70ties twist.

For the two main designs I focussed on the garden aspect. I wanted to literally design with “a secret” in mind. The more you look, the more you find! Drawings, photos, painted parts, everything is in there. For some of the other designs I have implemented the 70ties feeling. Others are more abstract.

All designed for home & decor like pillows, wallpaper, duvets, blanket, seat cushion and so on.

Enjoy The Secret!


A few pillows from the collection!

Sunny Days

The Sunny Days Collection was created for a lovely beach house on the sunny Dutch island Curacao.


A beach house with a magnificent view on the ocean where you stand on the terrace and smell the ocean. Where the sun warms your face and you can sit on the terrace for hours with your loved ones and friends!

This house is warm and comfortable and needed fresh pastels to compliment this perfect location.

The collection contains Flexa 2021 colours which really compliment each other.

Most designs are related summer animals. To the honey bee; the hexagon. The bow tie to the butterfly. The sweet Curaco hummingbird.

And further more soft stripes and circles which made think of the ocean and the sun.

Enjoy the Sunny Days with friends & family

As you read this, the pillows are on there way to the sunny island. This house is for rent as well!

So if you want to enjoy this perfect place, follow them on #villamariecuracao

As always, enjoy the collection! Your friends & family and the warm Sunny Days!



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