70’ties kussens

I was born in the 70’s, in the fall of 1974 to be exact.

In one way or another I have always had a fascination with the prints from the 70s. My mother had a great wallpaper in the colors brown, orange and yellow.

Are you familiar with it? Delicious right!

We had a green kitchen with green and brown wallpaper and beautiful brown plates.

My passion for the 70s will come because I grew up with it. There is simply no other way.

Even my mom’s bikini was brown with orange and yellow! I remember that as a child I wanted to wear it so badly, but that was not going to fit of course 🙂

But the shapes, the colors, they have always stayed with me.

Enjoy the 70’ties shapes and colors!

A number of designs of the Secret garden patterns are inspired by the 70s. But there are more to come, I am far from finished!

Enjoy the 70’s!


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