Sunny Days

The Sunny Days Collection was created for a lovely beach house on the sunny Dutch island Curacao.


A beach house with a magnificent view on the ocean where you stand on the terrace and smell the ocean. Where the sun warms your face and you can sit on the terrace for hours with your loved ones and friends!

This house is warm and comfortable and needed fresh pastels to compliment this perfect location.

The collection contains Flexa 2021 colours which really compliment each other.

Most designs are related summer animals. To the honey bee; the hexagon. The bow tie to the butterfly. The sweet Curaco hummingbird.

And further more soft stripes and circles which made think of the ocean and the sun.

Enjoy the Sunny Days with friends & family

As you read this, the pillows are on there way to the sunny island. This house is for rent as well!

So if you want to enjoy this perfect place, follow them on #villamariecuracao

As always, enjoy the collection! Your friends & family and the warm Sunny Days!


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